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There are several parts to this website, so here's a brief overview.

Role Playing: This page deals with all the Role Playing products that Three Sages Games is currently working on.

Board Games: This page deals with all the Board Game products that Three Sages Games is producing, as well currently working on. You can also find PDFs of the rules for our games here, for your convenience.

Game Aids: This page deals with Three Sages Games' Map Tiles sets.

Crystalline Counters: This page deals with Three Sages Games' Crystalline Counters.

About Us: This section is about Three Sages Games and the 'Three Sages' themselves. If you're interested in learning about Sarah, Curtis and Heidi, this is the place to look.

Contact Us: This if where to look if you're interested in getting in contact with Three Sages Games.


  • Apr. 30, 2015: Gods of Wor is available on DriveThruRPG and if you Like our Facebook Page or join our Google+ Community then you can find a 25% discount code link!

  • Jan. 17, 2015: You can check out how the new cover of Elvish Checkers looks in the tube at and a copy of our new rules under our board games page. Please enjoy!

  • Dec. 6, 2014: The new Elven Checkers label is the first one finished and we are continuing to create new covers for the different tube games. On top of this, we have more role-playing goodness for Alia-Wor coming up, starting with Gods of Wor. We'll continue updating as we more to share with everyone!

  • Nov. 17, 2014:We have the new artwork for our different tube games and we are currently working on new covers for them. And we also have some more great supplements in the works for Alia-Wor. Look forward to more news on that!.

  • Nov. 02, 2014:Next weekend, we'll be at the second year of ConQuest Avalon and we are totally excited! Avalon is at the Woodlake Red Lion Hotel from Nov. 7-9 and there will be a variety of games- from role-playing games to board games to minis. We hope to see you at the con this year! You can find out more information from ConQuest Avalon.

  • Oct. 01, 2014:The Beast That Waits is now available in PDF (through DriveThruRPG) and Print (through our site)! The Beast That Waits is a 52-page book, with 48 pages of content that delve into the people and problems of the village of Graven. It is designed for 1st-3rd level Swords and Wizardry characters. The book feature two overland maps, one of the middle Kingdoms with a marker for where you are specifically and the actually lands of Gravenshire. The Beast That Waits is part of the Alia-Wor setting that many of our other products also fit into. Dwarf Stone, Elvish Checkers, and Gnome Crystals are all games played by the various races in the Realms of Wor and Dwarf Stones even details the Dwarves' history. Stone Bard Inn and many of our role-playing modules are a part of the Alia-Wor setting. We'll have more details on all of that soon. ;)

  • Jan. 14, 2014: We're introducing a new line of Crystalline Counters - a package of six large crystals, for those of you who are interested in only the large Crystalline Counters. They'll be $2.95, and we'll be starting with Black, Blue and Green, then extend the line for all of our colors throughout the year!

Monthly Picture

Here is one of the latest pieces of artwork

We have the new and finalized cover for our newest Swords and Wizardry Supplement The Gods of Wor. Gods of Wor details the major deities of the Middle Kingdom, the benefits and conditions of worshipping the various Gods and Goddesses, including the Gods of the other races present in that area. There is also a section on the the minions and servants of the all of the deities, including the Dark Gods. And we added a set of awesome holy items that the chracters can quest for! You can find the PDF version of Gods of Wor at DriveThruRPG

Gods of Wor

Thanks for taking a moment to read through our home page. Now, go have fun!