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There are several parts to this website, so here's a brief overview.

Role Playing: This page deals with all the Role Playing products that Three Sages Games is currently working on.

Board Games: This page deals with all the Board Game products that Three Sages Games is producing, as well currently working on. You can also find PDFs of the rules for our games here, for your convenience.

Game Aids: This page deals with Three Sages Games' Map Tiles sets.

Crystalline Counters: This page deals with Three Sages Games' Crystalline Counters.

About Us: This section is about Three Sages Games and the 'Three Sages' themselves. If you're interested in learning about Sarah, Curtis and Heidi, this is the place to look.

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Jan. 23,2014: We've just released The High Kingdom of Baronica, a 12-page sourcebook for Dungeon World with 3 Campaign Fronts, 2 maps, and new places, characters, and monsters for getting your game started.You can find it under our Roleplaying products!

Jan. 14, 2014: We're introducing a new line of Crystalline Counters - a package of six large crystals, for those of you who are interested in only the large Crystalline Counters. They'll be $2.95, and we'll be starting with Black, Blue and Green, then extend the line for all of our colors throughout the year!